Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mimkomcha Malkeinu Music Memory - Mataaaaaaaaaaaay?

Commenter Mostly Music's comment on the previous post reminded me of one of my favorite albums, Yerushalayim Pirchei with Yigal Calek.

So many of those tunes still resonate with me all these years later.

Kan Tzipor, Kol Berama, Ravrevin and Yismach Moshe to name a few.

But my favorite was Mimkomcha, with Yirael Rand singing his endless Mataaaaaay...Timloch Betzion...
Thanks to Tyrni Sanddorn who has made this entire album available on Youtube.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoorah! Hashem Hu HaElokim!

hat tip

Full-Fledged Fanatical Frothing Freakout Frenzy For Front-office Friend Friedman

It seems like the "left" is getting all bent out of shape over Donald Trump's pick for Israeli Ambassador.
It also seems like the editors of the Algemeiner have attempted to duplicate SoMeHoW Frum's headlines.

Read and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ZMAN's Zusman Zooms! Zipadeedoodah, Zipadeeay!

The advertising blitz unleashed this past month by Zman Magazine for their new endeavor, a Chanukah play, is showing great dividends.

The Yeshiva World has made great strides in recent years with regard to kosher entertainment, but the upcoming Zusman, a Nazi drama, based on a true story and produced by the greatest talents in the Jewish world shows tremendous promise.

With four different shows over the Chanukah break, this guarantees to evoke memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit their website here.

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